Checklist for Best Open Source Cloud

Today we are going to discuss the Checklist for Best Open Source Cloud. Our today’s blog post is actually the eighth post in the series which captures my notes with various CXOs during the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Here are the blog posts in the series which you can read in order to learn more about this topic:

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The biggest question CXOs often face is how to get started with the Cloud Journey and how to select the best cloud for their own organizations. Additionally, when they are going with the Open Source Cloud they need to also pay attention to a couple of other attributes as well which are only relevant to open source. Let us see a quick Checklist for Best Open Source Cloud.

Under each checklist item, I have provided a few questions and points to consider. There can be an infinite number of the question for each topic but I have made sure to list a maximum of five questions per topic to highlight the most important questions only?

Checklist for Best Open Source Cloud

  • Technical Architecture and Roadmap
    • What is cloud storage architecture? (Hot, Cold or Archive – Compliance and Price Structure)
    • What is the inclination of your workflow architecture (Microsoft, AWS, Google, Open Source or other)
    • What is the roadmap for the software and application used to build a cloud platform in terms of innovation and interoperability?
    • How much development work one has to adopt the cloud platform?
    • What is the disaster recovery and service continuity plans?
  • Security
    • How the data protected at rest and moving? (Certifications such as ISO27001)
    • How does it protect from the popular malicious attacking methodologies?
    • How does it integrate with your existing workflow? (OAuth, Windows login, etc)
    • How do they manage internal security audits, incident reports, and remedial actions?
    • What is the process for breach notifications and follow up legal regulatory obligations?
  • Compliance
    • How privacy laws such as GDPR are supported?
    • How regulatory offerings like SOC2, HIPPA are supported?
    • What is the process of the onboarding new compliance processes?
    • What is the audit mechanism?
  • Management Tools
    • How efficient different orchestration tools are?
    • How the interoperability looks like with different integration tools?
    • How your current workflow integrates with the existing management tools (KPIs, integrations tools, etc)?
  • Service Level Agreements and Support
    • How detailed SLA is documented in terms of accessibility, service availability, capacity, response time, and scalability?
    • How quickly support resolves the technical issue?
    • What is the process to resolve regularity services requests like GDPR?
    • What is the ISO standard for the SLA (eg. ISO/IEC 19086-1:2016)
  • Costs
    • What are the different cost models (subscription-based, one-time pay, hourly consumptions, etc)?
    • How configurable each cost model is (in terms of CPU, RAM, Storage)?
    • What are the costs of modifying provisioned resources?
    • What is the cost of integrating third-party applications, tools, and software?
  • Business Health and Community Strength
    • What is the track record of stability and innovation for the solution provider?
    • What is the availability of the skilled resources platform and solution?
    • What is the company roadmap (acquisitions, change of owners, mergers, legal issues, etc)

Honestly, I can keep on writing the checklist forever, however, based on feedbacks of CXOs I have to build the list above with the 7 most important checklist items, which can help any organizations select the best possible open-source cloud solution.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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