Understanding Database Scalability – Horizontal and Vertical Scalability Better Together

When I wrote the blog around Understanding Database Scalability – Vertical and Horizontal, I saw few have conversations with me on if it is this or that. And these discussions could take a course all by itself. There is no one size fits all when it comes to scalability. We need to understand the fine prints and details of how the application needs are, what are the restrictions, user requirements and much more.

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Understanding Database Scalability – Vertical and Horizontal

Since I have started my consulting engagements with customers around the world, I have been asked interesting queries from time to time. In a recent customer call, the customer insisted I assist them in taking a call on if they need to buy one server with 64 cores or if they need to buy 2 servers of 32 cores. I had to explain that it is always not that simple to answer the same. After close to 30 mins of conversation they understood finally what I was talking. I took a moment to blog about this engaging conversation about database scalability.

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SQL – Biggest Concerns in a Data Driven World

The ongoing chaos over Government Agency’s snooping has ignited a heated debate on privacy of personal data and its use by government and/or other institutions. It has created a feeling of disapproval and distrust among users. This incident proves to be a lesson for companies that are looking to leverage their business using a data driven approach. According to analysts, the goal of gathering personal information should be to deliver benefits to both the parties – the user as well as the data collector(government or business).

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