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An Index Reduces Performance of SELECT Queries

Indexes not necessarily improve the performance of SELECT Statements, they can easily reduce the performance of the SELECT statement as well.

Remove Bookmark Lookup to Improve Query Performance

We learn how to improve query performance by removing bookmark lookup. A short video in SQL in Sixty Seconds series.

3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance with Pinal Dave

Here is my free learning video, which I did for Group By Conference with Brent Ozar.


Undo Human Errors in SQL Server – Point in Time Restore SQL Server

Human makes errors and it is possible to revert the errors if you have a full backup of your database and your recovery model is set to FULL.

Single Column Single Row and TABLE SCAN

Can a single column and single row result do an entire table scan? In this video, we will explore this possibility and its impact on SQL Server Performance.

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Free – SQL in Sixty Seconds

To talk on any subject in 60 seconds is almost impossible, but I have enjoyed building videos which are about 60 seconds as well as they talk about one small topic in such limited time. If you are waiting for the elevator or waiting in line for coffee, you can watch this video quickly and learn something new.

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Courses at Pluralsight

I enjoy building video courses along with writing on this blog. I have created so far 20 courses at Pluralsight. You need to login to Pluralsight to watch these courses. Here is the link to all the courses.

You can read here about all the My Video Courses at Pluralsight.