SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization

You can Hire Me to fix your SQL server performance tuning problems.

I work every day with lots of customers and on many different projects, however, I have just one single focus – SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization. If you have performance issues, I have probably seen the issue before and can provide a solution.

All you have to do is send me an email at pinal@SQLAuthority.com with subject line ‘Performance Tuning Consultation’ along with a brief description of your performance problem and we can get started immediately. I respond to every email I received within 4 hours. My average response time to an email is within 24 minutes.

Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check

One stop solution for your SQL Server performance problems. 
SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert Consultant - Hire Me first-aid-kit

If you are facing any SQL Server Performance related issues, this service is the perfect fit for you. The entire Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check takes a maximum of 4 hours. I have worked with over 300 different customers on performance tuning issues and I have seen all sorts of things. I have solutions ready and waiting for 99% of the performance problems out in the world. Trust me – you want me to resolve your performance issues in the shortest period of the time, so you can get on with other things that are more important to you.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop

No PowerPoints, no boring theory – just 100% real world scenario based demos.

No PowerPoints, just practical demonstrations in this fast-paced practical workshop for performance tuning. It is not like regular training, where you learn over many days and barely use the skills in real life. Additionally, lots of organizations are not able to spare their DBA for 4 or 5
days of training, so it takes up their vacation time. This workshop is extremely sharp, fast-paced 3-4 hours of training, where we will learn various real-world performance troubleshooting scenarios and how to resolve them.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert Consultant - Hire Me education

On Demand (50 Minutes)

Available for one hour every day for emergencies.
SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert Consultant - Hire Me clock

If you have a performance problem or just want to talk about SQL urgently, you can hire me for 50 minutes. Every single day I keep 2 slots available for this engagement. I do not pre-book these slots so I am available to help people with their urgent situations. (Just like how Uber cab does, always on demand and no pre-booking).

For availability and pricing email me at pinal@sqlauthority.com with brief notes about your problem.