Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check

The Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is a highly sought-after service designed to address SQL Server performance issues. Clients consistently choose this comprehensive solution when they encounter performance challenges. As the sole expert behind this service, I am here to collaborate with you in building a tailored action plan for resolution, which typically takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of your system.

Throughout this process, I meticulously identify and diagnose performance problems, working together with you to create a customized action plan for resolving them. In fact, our collaborative efforts allow us to initiate the implementation of fixes within the first 75 minutes, ensuring prompt progress toward optimizing your database performance.

As a testament to my two decades of experience in assisting clients with their Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I have authored a six-part blog post series. These articles draw upon my expertise and provide valuable insights into my business model and approach. I highly recommend reading them, as they offer a comprehensive overview of our services and demonstrate the practical guidance I can provide.

When Should You Consider This Service?

It is highly recommended to opt for the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check if you are currently experiencing any of the following issues with your server:

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  • Slower application performance than desired
  • Prolonged execution time for queries
  • High CPU consumption affecting system efficiency
  • Inefficient memory utilization leading to performance degradation
  • Sudden decline in query performance and responsiveness
  • Recurrent occurrence of deadlocks
  • Frequent timeouts disrupting normal operations
  • The continuous growth of the database log file
  • Lack of proper index maintenance resulting in suboptimal performance
  • Suboptimal query execution plans affecting response time
  • High wait times and contention issues within the database

The Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check service is designed to address these issues and provide actionable insights and solutions to optimize your database performance.

What is Included in the Service?

As part of this service, I will provide you and your team with a comprehensive explanation of each setting within your system, accompanied by guidance on the ideal configurations. Additionally, I will share all the scripts I utilize for analyzing your system’s performance, providing thorough explanations where necessary.

By the end of the performance tuning analysis, you will gain a clear understanding of the precise areas where performance bottlenecks occur and their potential solutions.

Here is a concise list of the activities we will undertake during the performance health check:

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  • Server/Instance Level Configuration Check: Assessing and optimizing server-level settings and configurations.
  • Database Configuration and Parameter Settings: Reviewing and optimizing database-specific configurations and parameter settings.
  • Index Analysis: Examining the efficiency and effectiveness of your indexes.
  • Index Optimization: Optimizing existing indexes to enhance query performance.
  • Index Maintenance: Implementing best practices for maintaining and managing indexes.
  • Query Execution Plan Analysis: Analyzing and optimizing the execution plans of queries for improved performance.
  • I/O Distribution Analysis: Analyzing the distribution of Input/Output (I/O) operations to identify performance issues.
  • SQL Server Resource Wait Stats Analysis: Evaluating resource wait for statistics to pinpoint areas of contention.
  • TempDB Review: Reviewing and optimizing TempDB configuration for optimal performance.
  • Database Files (MDF, NDF) and Log File Inspection: Inspecting and optimizing the configuration of database files and log files.
  • DBCC Best Practices Implementations: Implementing best practices for Database Consistency Checks (DBCC) to ensure data integrity and optimize performance.

These activities are integral to the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check service, enabling us to identify and resolve performance challenges within your SQL Server environment.

Rest assured that I do not require any usernames, passwords, or sensitive information about your system. Our collaboration will take place via Zoom meetings, where you will retain complete control of your system. Every change we make, and any deployment to improve system performance will be guided by me, ensuring your understanding of each step. Your server remains under your control, and I will ensure that you are fully informed about all changes made and how to undo them.

With my experience of assisting over 400 customers, I have developed a unique method that allows you to learn performance-tuning concepts without relinquishing control of your system.

Will YOU Receive All the Scripts Used During the Service?

Certainly! You will receive every script utilized during the service.

Rest assured that I will not take control of your system. Instead, I will provide you with all the necessary scripts, which you will execute while we share the screen during our Zoom sessions. Together, we will review the results, and I will guide you through the steps required to address the diagnosed performance issues.

I have found that teaching my customers how to perform performance tuning tasks themselves, rather than doing it on their behalf, yields a maximum return on their investment. By empowering you with the knowledge and skills, you will have greater control over your system’s performance optimization.

What is the Duration of the Service?

The Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check typically takes a maximum of 4 hours. You may be wondering how we can improve performance within such a short timeframe. Well, you can be confident that I won’t be dragging out the process. On the contrary, I will methodically focus on finding the quickest solution to the problem while actively discussing and collaborating with you.

Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check 24-hours

With my extensive experience assisting over 400 customers with performance tuning, I have encountered a wide range of issues and have developed solutions for 99% of the performance problems commonly encountered. Moreover, most of the changes we discuss and implement do not require downtime or server restarts. You can conveniently carry out these optimizations during your business hours without impacting your users.

Rest assured, resolving your performance issues in the shortest possible time is my priority, enabling you to focus on matters of greater importance to you. Trust in my expertise to deliver efficient and effective solutions.

What is the Cost?

USD 3800 USD 2432 (34% discount available until the end of this month).

The price quoted is a fixed-rate price for the entire exercise, covering all the activities outlined in the “What is Included in the Service?” section. Please note that once the payment is made and the meeting is scheduled, no refund will be available.

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100% Effort, Transparency, and Empowerment

Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check target

During our Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, we will work together to uncover the underlying factors contributing to the slowness. Whether the problem lies within SQL Server or external factors, rest assured that we will pinpoint the exact cause and provide actionable solutions.

Transparency is a key principle of my service. Throughout the process, I will ensure 100% transparency by providing a detailed understanding of any performance issues discovered in your server. For each issue, I will present you with three options:

  1. Implement the recommended solution after thorough testing in a similar environment.
  2. Study the recommendation first and implement it at a later stage.
  3. Skip the recommendation and proceed to the next point of discussion.

The decision-making power rests entirely in your hands. While I offer scientific explanations and guidance, you retain complete control over your server. If, at any point, you wish to revert any changes made, you can easily do so.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with mentorship and guidance, enabling you to deepen your understanding of your system. This knowledge empowers you to tackle similar challenges independently in the future.

For any proposed changes, I strongly advise implementing them first in a development environment. Once you witness the positive impact, you can confidently apply the changes to your production system.

Getting Started: 3 Simple Steps to Begin

We can get started in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Reach Out via Email

Send an email to providing the following details:

  • Brief description of the problem you’re facing
  • SQL Server version(s) you are using
  • Company name
  • Your location (to determine the appropriate time zone)

Step 2: Receive a Prompt Response

I will promptly respond to your email, offering the following information:

  • Earliest available calendar slot
  • Payment options (Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, or PayPal)

Once we agree on a meeting time and the payment is received, we move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Zoom Meeting Invitation

You will receive a Zoom meeting invite from me, which you can then share with your team.

And that’s it! We are all set to meet and address your performance challenges.

Take the first step now by emailing, and let’s embark on this journey together!