SQL SERVER – 2005 – Forced Parameterization and Simple Parameterization – T-SQL and SSMS

SQL Server compiles query and saves the procedures cache plans in the database. When the same query is called it uses compiled execution plan which improves the performance by saving compilation time. Queries which are parametrized requires less recompilation and dynamically built queries needs compilations and recompilation very frequently. Forced…
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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Connection Property of SQL Server Management Studio SSMS

Following images quickly explain how to connect to SQL Server with different connection property. It can be useful when connection properties need to be changed for SQL Server when connected. I use this in my company when I connect to one of our servers using named pipes instead of TCP/IP. Let us learn about Connection Property of SQL Server Management Studio SSMS.

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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Open SSMS From Command Prompt – sqlwb.exe Example

This article is written by request and suggestion of Sr. Web Developer at my organization. Due to nature of this article most of the content are referred from Book On-Line. sqlwb command prompt utility which opens SQL Server Management Studio. sqlwb command does not run queries from command prompt. sqlcmd…
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