SQL SERVER – Drop failed for Availability Group – Failed to Destroy the Windows Server Failover Clustering Group Corresponding to Availability Group

While working with one of the clients to recover from a disaster, I encountered an error. In this blog we would talk about error Drop failed for Availability Group. If you want any such assistance, you can hire me for quick consultation using On Demand offering.

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SQL SERVER – Monitor Estimated Completion Times for Backup, Restore and DBCC Commands

Earlier this week, we were fortunate to receive an amazing script to overview HADR / AlwaysOn Local Replicate server from SQL Server Expert Dominic Wirth. You can read the amazing script here: Scripts to Overview HADR / AlwaysOn Local Replica Server. As a follow up to the previous conversation today I received another extremely helpful script from Dominic Wirth which I will be using with my customers every single day. In this blog post, we will see the script which will Monitor Estimated Completion Times for Backup, Restore and DBCC Commands.

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