SQL SERVER – Getting Started with Azure Data Studio

Do you still use SQL Server Management Studio or do you use Azure Data Studio? I was recently asked during my recent Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, Well, the answer is I am still using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) as I find it very comfortable and it still has many features which are not available in Azure Data Studio (ADS). I do not think that ADS is a replacement of SSMS. They are built for a totally different purpose for a different audience. 

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SQL SERVER – Fix: Error – VS Shell Installation Has Failed with Exit Code 1638

Recently I got called in by a regular customer for my On Demand (50 minutes) service. Every single day I keep two hours available to help DBAs who need urgent help with SQL Server. When I connected with a customer, I was expecting to solve their SQL Server performance tuning problem. However, I quickly realized that the issue was not SQL Server Performance but was rather with SQL Server 2017 installation. Let us see how we can fix the error users are receiving related to VS Shell.

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