Install SQL Server 2016 Sample Database WideWorldImporters – SQL in Sixty Seconds #081

I have been a very loyal user to sample database AdventureWorks for a while, I really liked the overall database. However, as we know SQL Server releases, new features every year and along with the new features there is always need for a new Sample Database which contains all the necessary data and schema to demonstrate new features of the SQL Server. The SQL Server team has recently released a new sample database WideWorldImporters which can be used to demonstrate new features of the SQL Server.

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Install SQL Server Management Studio 2016 – SQL in Sixty Seconds #080

Earlier this week, I have published a blog post where I explained how to install SQL Server 2016. One of the most asked questions was Where is SQL Server Management Studio 2016? I totally understand why this particular question is being asked often. I have decided to create a video explaining the how to install SSMS 2016.

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