SQL SERVER – Execution Plan Ignores Tabs, Spaces and Comments

Just another day I was delivering my training SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop, I noticed that organizations had many stored procedures but none of the SP had any comments. When I asked them why their Stored Procedures does not have comments, their point was that they believed because of the comments, the size of the execution plan increases. Not True, when SQL Server builds an execution plan, it ignores tabs, spaces, and all the comments.

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SQL SERVER – FIX: Arithmetic Overflow Error in Object Execution Statistics Report in Management Studio

Many times, there are unforeseen conditions and few developers can’t predict which writing the code of a product. This is the reason we have bugs in the products and we all have job to do. One of my clients was not able to run one of the inbuilt reports which come with SQL Server Management Studio. The report name was Object Execution Statistics. As per them, this report was running fine until last week and it had suddenly stopped working. They wanted some idea this as it was not a show stopper for them. When they launch the report, they see below error

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