How to Send Execution Plan in Email? – Interview Question of the Week #079

A few days ago, I sent emails to everyone who subscribed to my newsletter (if you have not subscribed, you are missing out some real fun) that they can send me one performance problem of theirs like and I will help them solve it in 24 hours. I received over 1082 responses in the first 24 hours and honestly, I could not keep my commitment to reply each in 24 hours (even though I answered emails for 18 hours straight). It took me over 4 days to respond to EVERY SINGLE EMAIL, and on the top of it, I was still getting more emails. Finally, I caught up with everything on the fifth day and I had received a total of 2187 performance problems in the email. I have responded to each of them. During this marathon of answering emails, I saw that many users do not know how to send the execution plan in an email.

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Interview Question of the Week #051 – Actual Execution Plan vs. Estimated Execution Plan

In one of the recent interview, I met quite a few interesting candidates. It is common for employees ask many questions during an interview, but there are times when candidates also ask questions back to the interviewee. I was asked following question recently.

Question: Do you use Actual Execution plan or Estimated Execution plan?

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