SQL SERVER – Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2021

Here are details of my Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2021. I will be mostly presenting on SQL Server Performance Tuning.

SQL SERVER - Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2021 UpcomingSpeaking-800x386

Here is the registration link for all of them. Even if you are not available, I think you should register for this event so you can get the recording of the event and sessions.

Quest Database Training Days – Register Now

Idera Live 2021 – Register Now

Quest Empower 2021 – Register Now

Quest Database Training Days

I will be presenting two sessions at this event. Here are the details. Register Now.

SQL Server Performance Tuning for the Busy DBA: Bottlenecks and Resolutions with Pinal Dave
See how to use native tools in SQL Server and scripts based on Dynamic Management Views to quickly identify and resolve SQL Server performance bottlenecks.

SQL Server 2019 – Solving Performance Problems After Your Upgrade with Pinal Dave
SQL Server 2019 has been available for a while, but we’ve noticed many people don’t use it to its full potential. In this fast-paced, demo-oriented session, we’ll go over the new features that maximize SQL Server performance. We’ll also discuss what to do if you’ve recently upgraded SQL Server and your performance is missing the mark.

Idera Live 2021 – The Data Debate

I will be presenting a single session at this event. Here are the details. Register Now.

MySQL performance management from on-premises to cloud
MySQL performance management may look simple but it is not as straightforward as we think if we are considering the comparative platforms of cloud and on-premises. There are many tools and metrics available which behave differently based on the platform and environment. In this session, we focus on some parameters and configuration settings that can help you improve performance across all the platforms. We will see the methods to measure the performance and manage it optimally. This is a 100% demonstration-oriented presentation.

Quest EMPOWER Virtual Conference 2021

I will be presenting a single session at this event and that is also with my mentor Brent Ozar. Here are the details. Register Now.

Quick tips & tricks for SQL Server performance
You’re responsible for making your SQL Server or Azure SQL Database go faster. You have a short attention span, and you like fast-paced, lighthearted sessions that cover a lot of ground quickly. In this session, Pinal Dave and Brent Ozar will share a rapid-fire series of some of their favourite tips and tricks for slow queries. We’ll jump around between indexes, execution plans and SQL Server settings.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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