Free Webinar – SQL Performance Monitoring with Wait Statistics Scripts

Lots of people often ask me when will I do a free webinar. This blog will share details about the free webinar –  SQL Performance Monitoring with Wait Statistics Scripts.

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Free Webinar – Performance Monitoring

Title: SQL Performance Monitoring with Wait Statistics Scripts
Abstract: SQL Server Performance Monitoring is often considered a complicated subject, however, the reality is very different. It is relatively easy to Monitor your SQL Server if you know exactly where the bottlenecks are occurring. In this session, we will discuss various practical aspects of SQL Server Performance Monitoring. We will run various workloads and scripts, find out our bottlenecks, pinpoint the performance issues, and discuss the solutions to these issues. This is a 100% demo-oriented practical performance tuning session. Join Pinal Dave and Janis Griffin as we work through workloads and scripts.
Date: Jul. 14, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
Duration: 60 Minutes
Location: WebEx
Event: Online

You can watch this even for free and here is the link for the registration: Attend Free Event.

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  • Hi Dave !

    Unfortunately I was unable to connect to webex (it redirects to a failure page on every attempts).
    I really hope that a replay of this webinar will be visible on other platform.

    Thanks !



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