One Scan for 3 Count Sum – SQL in Sixty Seconds #178

One Scan for 3 Count Sum - SQL in Sixty Seconds #178 178-3OP1Scan-yt-800x450 I feel motivated when viewers of this blog ask me a follow-up question. Today we are going to see another demonstration which is based on my previous videos. Lots of people have asked me a very interesting question – What will happen if you use three operations COUNT(*), COUNT(1), and SUM(1) in a single statement? Will SQL Server use three scans or a single scan. Well, the answer is pretty straight forward and that is what we are going to see in today’s video of One Scan for 3 Count Sum.

Here are three blog posts you should read and watch the associated video along with it:

Here is today’s blog post about One Scan for 3 Count Sum. You can also download the script of this video from the blog post here SQL Server – Single Scan for 3 Operations – COUNT(*) COUNT(1) SUM(1)

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