Read Only Tables – Is it Possible? – SQL in Sixty Seconds #179

Read Only Tables - Is it Possible? - SQL in Sixty Seconds #179 179-ReadonlyTable-YT-800x450 It seems lots of people like to watch videos over reading blog posts. The other day I posted a blog post SQL SERVER – Making Table Read Only via FileGroup. After reading it, lots of people asked me if I can make a video on this topic. Of course, here we go, Read Only Tables – Is it Possible?

It is for sure possible to make read-only tables. There are many different methodologies, the one, I have used is very simple and I have been using it for a while with my clients. Here we create a read-only filegroup so every table which existed on it, automatically becomes read only.

If you are looking for the script used in this video, I have it over here.

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Here are my few recent videos and I would like to know what is your feedback about them.

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  • First time poster very long time reader. I love your site and its my go to for many SQL inquiries/research. It took a lot of time but I have gone back and viewed every post since the beginning and it was worth it, found some good info that is still usable today.

    The videos are good and well done but many times I just want to be able to quickly read a page and see the information without having to watch a video (plus many times I may not have audio ready or be in spot I can listen, but I still want the info).

    For the articles you do video’s for if you could write it up in text like other posts that would be helpful to some like me who like reading vs watching videos or are not in a place to watch a video at the time.


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