Find a Table in Execution Plan – SQL in Sixty Seconds #151

Find a Table in Execution Plan - SQL in Sixty Seconds #151 151-FindTable-yt-1-800x450 Finding the table in a huge execution plan is always a nightmare and often people go for third party tool for help. I have also seen experts going through the XML execution plan to find the occurrence of the table. While all other methods work fine, let us see how easily we can find this in an SSMS. Let us learn how to find a table in an execution plan.

Let us assume that this is your query.

FROM [Sales].[Orders] o
INNER JOIN [Sales].[OrderLines] ol ON o.OrderID = ol.OrderID

Now let us enable the execution plan when you run the above query against the sample database WideWorldImporters. Here is the blog post which discusses how to enable an execution plan. Now once you have an execution plan, right-click on it and select the Find Node.

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