List All Sessions – SQL in Sixty Seconds #148

List All Sessions - SQL in Sixty Seconds #148 148-CurrentlyActive-ytcover-800x450 One of the most frequent questions which I receive from my client of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is about activity going inside SQL Server and how to list all sessions. Let us learn that in today’s SQL in Sixty Seconds Video.

There is one interesting thing about today’s video and that is the special guest who is featuring in today’s video. I would be interested to know if you know the name of our special guest. If you know the name of the guest, either you can leave a comment here or can leave a comment on the video itself.

Here are the blog posts containing the script used in this blog post about List All Sessions.

Here are a few recent blog posts on the same topic which you may find interesting:

Let me know what you think of this blog post and if you want me to create a SQL in Sixty Seconds post for this video. If you have a similar script that you may find will be helpful to users, please do share it with me and I will post it on the blog with due credit to you. Thanks again for watching the video and subscribing to the channel.

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