SQL SERVER – Weekly Series – Memory Lane – #016

SQL SERVER - Weekly Series - Memory Lane - #016 memorylane Here is the list of selected articles of SQLAuthority.com across all these years. Instead of just listing all the articles I have selected a few of my most favorite articles and have listed them here with additional notes below it. Let me know which one of the following is your favorite article from memory lane.


FIX : Error 15023: User already exists in the current database
One of the most popular errors when SQL Server 2000 is migrated to SQL Server 2005.


SQL SERVER – Get Current Database Name
A quick script which will give user current database name.

Introduction to Performance Monitor – How to Use Perfmon
Performance Monitoring is a very important concept and here is how you can turn on Perfmon.

  1. Type “start perfmon at the command prompt.
  2. Go to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Performance Monitor.
  3. Go to Start | Run | Perfmon.


Start SQL Server Instance in Single User Mode
To start SQL Server in single user mode is a very simple procedure as displayed below. Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager and click on  SQL Server 2005 Services. Click on the desired SQL Server instance and right click go to properties. On the Advance table enter param-m;‘ before existing params in Startup Parameters box.

Two excellent blog posts about working with XML –

Restore Master Database – An Easy Solution
It is really unusual to have need of restoring the master database. In very rare situations this need should arise. It is important to have a full backup of the master database, without full backup file of master database it can not be restored.

Reasons to Backup Master Database – Why Should Master Database Backed Up
Master database contains all the system level information of the server. Information about all the login account, system configurations and information required to access all the other database are stored in the master database. If master database is damaged, it will be difficult to use any other database in SQL Server and that makes it most important database of the SQL Server.


Difference Between Update Lock and Exclusive Lock
I have often received this question on this blog as well in different SQL Training.

What is the difference between Update Lock and Exclusive Lock?

In this blog post, the same subject is discussed in brief words.

Stored Procedure Optimization Tips – Best Practices
Best Practices never get old. In this blog post, we go over many efficiency tricks of the performance tuning. There are some of the best practices which are as old as database system is old. Quickly read the blog post and see if there are any tips which you have yet not adopted.


In the year 2011 February I wrote a month long blog series on the subject SQL Wait Stats, which eventually converted to mega successful book SQL Wait Stats.


 A Quick Puzzle on JOIN and NULL – SQL Brain Teaser
It seems that we all love to solve puzzles. On SQLAuthority Page, we have been playing the number game and those who are playing with us know how much fun we are having. Sometimes, the answers are so innovative and informative that they open up those aspects of the technology which I have not thought of.

Here is the solution of the puzzle: Solution – A Quick Puzzle on JOIN and NULL – SQL Brain Teaser

What is Big Data – An Explanation in Simple Words
The way the amount of the data has grown so wild that a relational database is not able to handle the processing of this amount of the data. Conventional RDBMS faces challenges to process and analysis data beyond certain very large data. Big Data is a large amount of the data which is difficult or impossible for traditional relational database. Current moving target limits for Big data is terabytes, exabytes and zettabytes.

T-SQL Errors and Reactions – SQL in Sixty Seconds #002 – Video

Be Different – Be A Leader – An Interactive Journey – Questions and Answers – Book and Video
Here is something which only an adult would think. Just like me – there has been many who thought this was the wrong trend. He should not have climbed up the wrong side of the slide as that can lead to accidents and can hurt all the kids involved. Of course – we are correct but the kids were not thinking like that – they were happy and (fortunately) they were safe after playing for a few minutes. I saw that the kids enjoyed this new exercise. They learned how to walk on a slippery slope. Maybe it was a good thing for them if ever they face another situation like this. I once again want to give everything the benefit of the doubt before calling it wrong.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthorit

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