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Today I have arrived in India and back to Ahmedabad. I have left my home on 27th February and arrived back at my home on 9th March. I was traveling for total of 10 days out of 2 days were just technically included as they were very little occupied. I was traveling for 3 days out of remaining 8 days. This leaves me with total of 5 business day. This five days I worked for nearly 16 hours everyday attending Microsoft MVP summit technical sessions, having meetings with industry leaders and learning new things. I have posted my complete tour details on this blog. I encourage all of you to visit my daily posts and photos.

I have one confession to make. I have been avoiding to use twitter for very long time as I was assuming just like any other social media, I will be addicted to it. I finally decided to use twitter and I love it. I have started to use twitter more often and will plan to use it onwards.

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Microsoft MVP Summit 2009:

SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asian MVPs at Global MVP Summit 2009

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SQLAuthority News – MVP Summit 2009 – Journey Begins

I have been covering Microsoft MVP Summit as much as I can however, this event was very large and I was not able to cover everything. There are few things I would still like to give opinion and I expect fellow MVP to help me define it properly.

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NDA (Non Disclosing Agreement):
Due to NDA MVPs are not able to discuss anything which we learned there as well what was presented there. I can only say that “It was Great!”

Tech Sessions:
For SQL Server we had great back to back technical sessions. We were able to meet some really great people there. I am glad that I met people who are behind SQL Server Product Team.

Weather was very kind to us. I had heard it was snowing the day before we reached at Seattle. During our stay the weather was very pleasent and we all enjoyed occasional rain drops.

Food was great. I personally enjoyed Indian Vegetarian food available there. SQL Server MVP had special dinner organized at Maggianos and it was delicious.

We had one of the best party of Seattle at Experience Music Project (EMP). Checkout my blog post above to see my photo performing crazy along with some very known SQL MVPs.

Some MVPs discussed that recession is catching up with MVP event but I honestly think it was as best as it can. Every year MVP Summit is organized differently and it has to be different.

Best Moment:
When I was of the MVP selected as ‘MVP Choice Award’. Read more about MVP Choice Award on my friend Arnie Rowland‘s blog.

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Following is my travel itinerary so far: (I just included itinerary here as I had included in all of my previous posts)

Feb 27, 2009 – Departing Ahmedabad to Mumbai
Feb 28, 2009 – Departing Mumbai to Seattle Sheraton Hotel
March 1, 2009 – Day 1 at MVP Summit
March 2, 2009 – Day 2 at MVP Summit
March 3, 2009 – Day 3 at MVP Summit
March 4, 2009 – Day 4 at MVP Summit
March 5, 2009 – Departing Seattle to Toronto
March 6, 2009 – Tech User Group Meeting, Markham, Canada
March 7, 2009 – Departing Toronto to Mumbai
March 8, 2009 – Missing Day due to Day Line Crossing

March 9, 2009 – Arriving to Ahmedabad

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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