SQL SERVER – Automatic Seeding of Availability Database ‘DB’ in Availability Group ‘AG’ Failed With an Unrecoverable Error

While deploying Always On Availability Group with a client, they found that when they use automatic seeding, the database was not shown on secondary. After digging more, we found that it was there earlier in “Restoring” state when seeding was in progress but then it automatically disappeared from the list of databases on secondary.  Here is the option in the wizard.

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SQL SERVER – How to Optimize Your Server Performance by Reducing IO Waits?

SQL Server performance tuning is often considered as a complex subject and many DBAs and Developers often sees SQL Server Engines as a black box. However, the reality is very different as SQL Server Performance tuning is often a simple art of balancing three of the important resources for any system – 1) CPU, 2) Memory and 3) IO. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can reduce critical waits for queries and optimize server performance.

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SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop – Relaunched

In the year 2017 just for an experiment, I decided to start a SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop. I had no idea, that I will be the biggest and most popular service delivered by SQLAuthority.com. Since the year 2017, I have been delivering one or two workshops every week.

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