SQL SERVER – A Timeout (30000 milliseconds) was Reached While Waiting for a Transaction Response from the MSSQLSERVER

Recently I was contacted by a client who reported very strange error in the SQL Server machine. These consulting engagements sometimes get the best out of you when it comes to troubleshooting. They reported that they see timeout error. My question was whether it connection timeout or query timeout which I explained in this blog post?

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SQL SERVER – Finding Waits For Any Session with Extended Event wait_info

One of the most sought after blog is around Wait Stats when it comes to performance troubleshooting. The place to bookmark would be – SQL SERVER – Wait Stats – Wait Types – Wait Queues – Day 0 of 28. I get queries from a number of you and have been fortunate in the past for sending me such information because it becomes a great learning experience for me too. At the same time, your problems are getting solved too. It becomes a great win-win situation. Let us learn about Extended Event wait_info in this blog post.

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SQL SERVER – Speed Up! – Parallel Processes and Unparalleled Performance – TechEd 2012 India

TechEd India 2012 is just around the corner and I will be presenting there on two different session. SQL Server Performance Tuning is a very challenging subject that requires expertise in Database Administration and Database Development. I always have enjoyed talking about SQL Server Performance tuning subject. Just like doctors I…
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