Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization in SQL Server 2022 – SQL in Sixty Seconds #200

Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization in SQL Server 2022 - SQL in Sixty Seconds #200 200-PSPO-800x450 SQL Server 2022 introduces Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization (PSPO), a feature that revolutionizes the performance of parameterized queries. With PSPO, SQL Server stores multiple execution plans for a single query, each tailored to different parameter values. This allows the database engine to dynamically select the most optimized execution plan based on the specific parameter values provided at runtime. By accommodating different data sizes and distributions, PSPO significantly improves query performance, making it particularly valuable for applications dealing with non-uniform data.

Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization

One of the significant benefits of PSPO is the reduction of parameter sniffing. Parameter sniffing occurs when SQL Server generates an execution plan based on the first encountered parameter value and then uses that plan for subsequent parameter values, leading to suboptimal performance. PSPO mitigates this issue by generating multiple execution plans, enabling the database engine to select the most suitable plan for each parameter value. This results in improved query performance and eliminates the limitations imposed by a single cached plan, making PSPO an invaluable tool for optimizing the performance and scalability of parameterized queries in SQL Server 2022.

Here is the complete blog post about this topic: SQL SERVER 2022 – Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization (PSPO)

Here is a video that represents this concept in just a few seconds:

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