SQLAuthority News – Request SQLAuthority.com Stickers and SQL Server Cheat Sheet

I have been overwhelmed with the request for SQL Server Cheat Sheet recently. I absolutely think it is tremendously useful; its hand written form is adorning my wall since a long time. Having realized its usefulness I got it done professionally and distributed it at TechEd in Hyderabad, TechEd in Ahmedabad, and TechEd on Road in Trivendrum. Now, they are very much in demand.

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SQLAuthority News – TechEd India 2009 – Day 0 – Day 1 – Authors Tech Session – SQL Server Cheat Sheet – Catch Me Live

Presently, I am at TechEd India 2009 in Hyderabad as one of the participants of this prestigious event. I will be heading a session on SQL Server Management Studio 2008 New Features. I had recently blogged about TechEd 2009 India here. Excerpt from the previous article “Tech.Ed-India is a great…
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SQL Server – 2008 – Cheat Sheet – One Page PDF Download

Very frequently I have been asked to create a page, post or article where in one page all the important concepts of SQL Server are covered. SQL Server 2008 is very large subject and can not be even covered 1000 of pages. In daily life of DBA there are few commands very frequently used and for novice developers it is good to keep all the important SQL Script and SQL Statements handy.

I have attempted to create cheat sheet for SQL Server 2008 most important commands. User can print this in one A4 size page and keep along with them. This can be used in interviews where T-SQL scripts are being asked.

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