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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Difference and Similarity Between NEWSEQUENTIALID() and NEWID()

NEWSEQUENTIALID() and NEWID() both generates the GUID of datatype of uniqueidentifier. NEWID() generates the GUID in random order whereas NEWSEQUENTIALID() generates the GUID in sequential order. Let us see example first demonstrating both of the function. USE AdventureWorks; GO ----Create Test Table for with default columns values CREATE TABLE TestTable…
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SQL SERVER – Insert Data From One Table to Another Table – INSERT INTO SELECT – SELECT INTO TABLE

Following three questions are many times asked on this blog. How to insert data from one table to another table efficiently? How to insert data from one table using where condition to another table? How can I stop using cursor to move data from one table to another table? There…
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SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – Database Architecture and Implementation Discussion – New York, New Jersey Details

Last weekend I visited New York City (NY) and Edison (NJ) to attend database architecture meeting with a big environmental technology firm. It was very interesting to meet CEO and few of the lead database administrators. Lots of database related things were discussed. I will list few of the points…
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SQL SERVER – Fix : ERROR : Msg 1033, Level 15, State 1 The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP or FOR XML is also specified.

Following error is encountered when view is attempted to created with ORDER BY clause in it. ORDER BY clause is not allowed in views in SQL Server 2005. This solution also displays the workaround to use ORDER BY in VIEW. I really do not prefer to use views. My views…
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