SQL SERVER – How to Convert CollationID to Collation Name?

One of my blog readers sent email to me asking if there is a way to convert CollationID to Collation name. I replied asking more details about the requirement. Here is her reply.

I am in a trouble right now. Due to a hardware crash, I lost many of database files. Unfortunately, I don’t have backups, but I was able to retrieve MDF files. I was trying to follow your blog

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SQL SERVER – How to Change SQL Server Collation on Microsoft Azure VM (IaaS)

I have been using Microsoft Azure, SQL Virtual Machine (IaaS) for quite some time because few of my clients ask questions about them. My clients generally use images from gallery to deploy SQL Server. Once they realized that they want to change the SQL Server collation instance. I was contacted to know the steps to do that. I learned something new so sharing via the blog.

Caution: Rebuild of system databases is as good as the fresh installation of SQL Server. YOU WOULD LOSE ALL EXISTING INFORMATION so please backup the stuff, if needed.

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Interview Question of the Week #031 – How to do Case Sensitive SQL Query Search

Question – How to do case sensitive search on any column of the table? Answer – If Column1 of Table1 has following values ‘CaseSearch, casesearch, CASESEARCH, CaSeSeArCh’, following statement will return you all the four records. SELECT Column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 = 'casesearch' To make the query case sensitive and…
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