Sleeping vs Suspended Process – SQL in Sixty Seconds #122

Sleeping vs Suspended Process - SQL in Sixty Seconds #122 122-ThreadStatus-cover-yt-500x281 Do you know the difference between the various status of the processes? I was asked about this from my client of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. There are so many different statuses of the processes in SQL Server and it is important for us to know that. Let us learn today the difference between Sleeping vs Suspended Process.

In this quick video, we will learn what each of the statuses means i.e. Pending, Runnable, Running, Suspended, Sleeping, Dormant, Background, Spinlock.

Here is the supporting blog post about the sleeping session discussed in the video SQL SERVER – Script to Kill All Inactive Sessions – Kill Sleeping Sessions from sp_who2. Please note that do you use this script without properly understanding its impact. It is very different to remove the suspended process vs sleeping process.

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