SQLAuthority News – New Scoble Plugin of WordPress

Just a day ago, I was explaining one of my friend who is interested in writing blog about interesting places he visits. I explained him few things and let him figured other remaining. He called me after few min and asked that he can not find Scoble Plugin of WordPress and once found how to integrate it. It was hilarious so I asked him, where did he heard about that plugin and where was he for last few years. I told him Scoble Plugin is around for many years and easily available with Mozilla (joke again). Well, finally I explained him how to integrate Scoble Plugin by going to http://scobleizer.com/.

I usually get this question, how do I keep pace with what is going on. I used to read many blogs but recently I have stopped reading those hundreds of blog. I just read Robert’s Link Blog or Shared Items. Link blog contains few selected blogs and posts. I unsubscribe to any blog from my reader if I see any post of that Link Blog. He reads hundreds of them so I do not have to read them. I just read those few which have interesting information. One man spends time and others save their time. Sounds like good deal.

Summary: More time for me to spend on SQL.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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