SQL Server Monitoring Week – SQL Diagnostic Manager

Today I begin a week-long series where I will be discussing various SQL Server Monitoring Tools. My primary job is to help people with my consulting workshop Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. While I help the customer with their various SQL Server performance issues, I often see my customers struggle with the monitoring their SQL Server’s health. One of the primary discussion at the end of consultation which we do is what tool is the best for their environment and how it can prevent them to walk into another trouble. Today we will talk about SQL Diagnostic Manager (SQLDM) in brief.

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SQL SERVER – Monitoring SQL Server Never Got This Easy

In administering SQL Server databases, the DBA is often presented with the task of identifying resource bottlenecks on the system and the sources of those bottlenecks. Also, the DBA is challenged with the task of identifying why specific queries take significant time to execute or affect the performance of other queries on the system. This allows the DBA to find opportunities to tune queries and improve their performance and the overall performance impact on the system. In this blog we will explore identifying if any disk I/O bottlenecks are present that impact query performance on the system. Such action would allow a DBA to further deal with the I/O bottleneck. Let us learn about Monitoring SQL Server.

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