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SQL Server Performance Tuning is a discovery process. Every day we learn something new with this one. One of the activities we do during  Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is to check which is the most used database file. This we only do when we suspect that one particular database is the trouble. If the client has multiple databases, this script also helps us to find out which database and particularly which database file is the most used.

SQL SERVER - Most Used Database Files - Script mostused-800x408

Here is the quick video I have built on this topic. I will post it tomorrow. However, here is the script which is used in the video.

   DB_NAME(dbid) 'Database Name',
   physical_name 'File Location',
   NumberReads 'Number of Reads',
   BytesRead 'Bytes Read',
   NumberWrites 'Number of Writes',
   BytesWritten 'Bytes Written',   
   IoStallReadMS 'IO Stall Read',
   IoStallWriteMS 'IO Stall Write',
   IoStallMS as 'Total IO Stall (ms)'
   fn_virtualfilestats(NULL,NULL) fs INNER JOIN
    sys.master_files mf ON fs.dbid = mf.database_id 
	AND fs.fileid = mf.file_id

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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