SQL SERVER – Converting Unix TimeStamp to DateTime

There is a very easy method to convert Unix TimeStamp to DateTime. Let us learn that in today’s blog post.

Here is a very simple example of it.

SQL SERVER - Converting Unix TimeStamp to DateTime UnixTimeStamp-800x388

Unix TimeStamp

DECLARE @UnixDate BIGINT = 1392349571299
DATEADD(s, @UnixDate / 1000, '1970-01-01')) AS DATETIME2(3))

When you run the script above it will display the result as 2014-02-14 03:46:11.300

Yes, that’s it. It is that simple to convert Unix TimeStamp to Datetime.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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  • Simple, but wrong. The 299 miliseconds are converted to 300.

    This is the correct conversion

    SELECT DATEADD(SECOND, @UnixDate / 1000, DATETIME2FROMPARTS(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, @UnixDate % 1000, 3));

  • And to overcome the INT problem, use this

    DECLARE @UnixDate BIGINT = 4592349571299;

    SELECT DATEADD(MILLISECOND, @UnixDate % 86400000, DATEADD(DAY,@UnixDate / 86400000, CAST(‘19700101 00:00:00.000’ AS DATETIME2(3))));


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