Consulting Wrap Up – What Next and How to Get Started

This is the wrap-up post of my 5 part series on my over 10 years of experience in Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check consulting engagement. Here are the five blog posts which are the essence of my consulting business. You can also call it my business secret. In today’s blog post we will discuss summarize the earlier blog posts and quickly see what should be the next steps and how to get started quickly.

So now you have read my five-part series and learned my business secrets. Here are two next paths you can take – a) Start Your Consulting Business b) Hire Me as Consultant. Let us discuss both of them quickly.

Consulting Wrap Up - What Next and How to Get Started consultingfinal


Start Your Consulting Business

When I started y own consulting organizations, I was very much worried and I had no idea how to get anything done. Actually, I had many questions. Let me repeat some of the questions:

  • How to find potential customers or leads?
  • How to send invoices?
  • What should be the format of Statement of Work (SOW)?
  • How to receive money from international clients?
  • How to schedule a meeting?
  • What tool should I use for remote meetings?
  • How to manage credits and debits?
  • What kind of software and hardware I should invest in?
  • How to respond to hot, warm and cold leads?
  • … and many more…

I am sure you will have all such questions but trust me those are just one time questions. Once you figure things out you can start flying. If you ever need help with any of those questions, you can always reach out to me and we can schedule an hour of time and I will be happy to help you with all of your questions.

Only one condition: You must prove to me that you are serious about starting your consultation and I will be happy to share all the further secrets.

Hire Me as Consultant

Now that you have read how I run my consulting business. If you ever face the SQL Server Performance Tuning issue and want to hire a consulting, you can reach out to me. However, I will work within the boundaries of the following parameters:

  • I will not take control of your system remotely
  • I will give a 100% guarantee to my service
  • I will assure that I solve your major pain in 4 hours
  • I will give all the scripts used during a health check
  • I will make sure that you learn how to solve the performance problem

Wrap Up

Now that you have read working philosophy, you can reach out to me for any SQL Server Performance Tuning Help. Send me an email at and I will be happy to help.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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