Consulting 102 – Why Do I Give 100% Guarantee of My Service? – SQL Server Performance Tuning

This is the second of my 5 part series on my over 10 years of experience in Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check consulting engagement. Here are the five blog posts that are the essence of my consulting business. You can also call it my business secret. In today’s blog post we will discuss one of the most popular questions I receive – Why Do I Give 100% Guarantee of My Service?

What does 100% Guarantee of Service Means?

The 100% guarantee of service means I will spend my 100% dedicated time to solve your problem.  I will not delegate this task to anyone else but I will myself focus on the solution.

Why Do I Give 100% Guarantee of My Service?

Let us first discuss what does Guarantee actually means. A guarantee is a promise that something will be done or happen, especially a written promise from a company to repair or change a product that has developed a fault within a particular period of time.

Consulting 102 - Why Do I Give 100% Guarantee of My Service? - SQL Server Performance Tuning consulting102

Reason 1: 100% Peace of Mind

The primary reason I do this is to give my clients peace of mind. They should not be worried about the investment they have made. My services are expensive and very impactful. I often give results in very little time while other consultants struggle for hours or even days. I know I can do the task but without hiring me how do my customers know that I will boost their SQL Server’s performance?

The reason that I give 100% Guarantee of my service is to give customers confidence that it is no bait and switch after you hire me. I will be there at the mutually agreed time and will give my 100% time to solve your problem.

Reason 2: 100% Confidence

I have been doing SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimizing for over 10 years now. I have seen it all, every new problem that you may be encountering for the first time. I might have resolved it many times before in the past. This is the major driving force for giving a 100% guarantee of my service. Most of the time, when I take a project I know the blueprint of the tasks I will be performing on the client-server. I have 3–4 different blueprints and, based on the initial investigation, I use them on my client’s machine.

My years of experience have turned the SQL Server Performance Tuning Blueprints into a successful machine. This alone leads me to 100% success nearly every time.

Reason 3: 100% Efforts

Almost all of the performance tuning projects have two important parts: 1) My Efforts and 2) The Client’s Efforts. During the consulting hours, we will first do an analysis of the system and identify all of the bottlenecks. Once we have a list of all of the bottlenecks, we will go over each one at a time and create a list of actions to take.

There are sets of actions that I always help my customers with but there are also sets of actions that my customers will have to do on their own time or might need someone else to do it. In that scenario, my 100% Guarantee always keeps them motivated to complete their side of the deal. I have seen my customers also put 100% effort as they do not want me to fail.

I think 100% Guarantee is really a 100% WIN-WIN scenario.

Well, that’s it. I hope this long blog post gave you an idea of why I give 100% guarantee of my SQL Server services. I want to earn an honest living and really want to give my 100% dedicated attention to my clients.

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