14 Days to #SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE

SQL Server Performance Tuning is extremely easy subject and that is why I build my career of SQL Server Performance Tuning expert. I welcome everyone to join me in my quest to learn my business secret to become a SQL Server Performance Tuning Consultant. It is just only 14 days left to my the most anticipated and extremely popular course SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE. Due to the high demand of the class and registration, I have just opened up 5 more seats to this class. You can sign up for the course by clicking directly going over here: REGISTER NOW.

Important Update: The Workshop is now over and it was one of the landmark workshops, where I shared business secrets of successful Performance Tuning Expert. You can watch the recording of the workshop for a limited period of time.

You can read more information about this course over in the following blog posts:

Remember the classes are an incredible deal and will not be offered again for a while.

Agenda of Training Day

This class is built on my most popular content which I have been delivering for many years. The training is divided into four major parts.

14 Days to #SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE 4reasons

Module 1: Indexing, Worst Practices, and Solutions (70 minutes)
Indexes are often considered a silver bullet to solve performance problems, but the reality is far from the age-old myth. The right index can help improve performance, but the wrong indexes often play party spoiler and reduce your server’s performance. Identifying which indexes to create and which indexes to delete can be cumbersome (or near impossible) if we do not know how to do workload analysis.

Module 2: WhichIndex – An Interactive Game with WHERE clause and Multi-Column Indexes (70 minutes)
WhichIndex is an interactive game that provides a new experience to teach you how to understand how multi-column indexes work with queries with multiple conditions.

Module 3: Don’t Change Code – An Interactive Game with Functions, Views, and Indexes (50 minutes)
Any good singer needs the support of a decent sound system and cooperative band to be successful. Similarly, for any index to be successful it requires a supportive environment. It is incredibly critical to learn how index selection takes shape when functions are used in the query.

Module 4: Your Server, Your Questions
In the final part, we usually discuss the performance problems you are facing with your server personally. If you do not have additional questions, we usually spend the rest of the time looking at various real-world scenarios related to SQL Server Query Execution Plans and Performance.

It is an Incredible Deal!

  • 1 Seat – SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE
  • 30 Days FREE unlimited Replays
  • All T-SQL Demonstration Scripts
  • 1 Hour FREE Consultation in the 30 days
  • Access to Exclusive Chat Group on Slack

Well, that’s it. I can’t stress that if you miss out on this class, how much you will miss out in the future. Remember, when you compared the price tag of the class with your career progression goal of SQL Server

Remember, If you are not going to be available during April 23, 2019, you can still sign up for the class and watch it for 30 days unlimited time till you master the concepts in the session. I am indeed very much looking forward to connecting with you.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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