SQL SERVER – When You Should Not Attend SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE?

So far many of you know that my SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE is extremely popular and it is almost full when I am writing this email. I can now accommodate a maximum of 5 individuals in the class as we are reaching capacity. However, yesterday I received a very interesting email which asked me a specific question about the word EVERYONE. Let us read the exact text of the email so you get a clear idea:

Important Update: The Workshop is now over and it was one of the landmark workshops, where I shared business secrets of successful Performance Tuning Expert. You can watch the recording of the workshop for a limited period of time.

“Pinal, I have read your blog post about your SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop and I see that you used a word – EVERYONE. My question is precise about that word – is there any case when one should not attend the workshop? Who should not attend this workshop or when should one not attend the workshop? Can you explain?”

I usually answer all the questions in the email but I really loved the question so I am attempting to answer this question in this blog post. I am sure there are many want to attend the workshop and they also wonder if they are the right fit for the class or not. Let me try to answer this one.

SQL SERVER - When You Should Not Attend SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE? practicalperformancetuning

If INDEXING is Everything for YOU

If you are the person who is stubborn to create indexes for all the SQL Server Performance problems, I believe this Workshop is not for you. I personally believe indexes are not everything, honestly, we do discuss indexes at the end of the class. Indexes are good for something but for sure not for performance.

I often keep on listening following statement everywhere I go for SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop and Healthcheck which is absolutely incorrect.

Incorrect Statement – “Indexes reduces the performance of Insert, Update, and Deletes but it helps to improve the performance of SELECTs.”

If you have ever attended my previous sessions, you know Indexes also reduce the performance of SELECT statements and I have demonstrated that many times in my previous online sessions. I discuss this in depth in my session and demystify the entire Index and Performance saga.

Indexes are definitely good for something but SQL Server Performance. We discuss that during our workshop.

If PERFMON Counters are Everything for YOU

If you are the one who depends on Performance Monitoring counters to keep eyes on the SQL Server Health and wants to continue using them, this workshop is not for you. In this workshop, we do not discuss the PerfMon Counters at all. I personally believe that PerfMon Counters are an old school way to do SQL Server Performance Tuning and which is no longer as effective at all.

Honestly, I personally believe PerfMon Counters were never totally effective at all. Only a few of the counters give meaningful information, the rest gives you just information which is not actionable at all. I personally loathe SQL Server Performance Tuning efforts based on ONLY PerfMon Counters, I think the world has moved forward with DMVs, Wait Stats and many different indicators for the performance issues and one should adopt them in the efficiency.

If you just want to SIT & LISTEN

If you are the one just want to sit and listen, I humbly request you to not join the workshop at all. My workshops are not just theory, well, actually there is no theory. It is 100% demonstrations and  NO PowerPoint slides. I personally do not believe in any PowerPoint slides. I never ever attend any training where the trainer is reading off from SQL Server slides and teaching. We can all do google ourselves. We can all read PowerPoint slides or handouts, when you attend the workshop, you need to learn how to solve the problem in the real world.

If you ever attended any of my sessions, you know that they are very interactive. Even though if I am presenting online sessions, they are interactive. Even if it is online sessions, there are ways we can communicate without honestly creating any disturbance to each other. We follow the philosophy of “silent disco”, where there are lots of side conversation but only affects you if you want to take part.

So yes, if you just want to be a silent listener, I suggest you watch my youtube videos and do not sign up for the class. This class is for everyone who wants to interact and learn the most efficient methods to tune your SQL Server’s Performance.

Practical Workshop

Just so you remember, this is a practical workshop and not just theory, what you learn while you attend the live session, you will never learn to watch the video. This is your opportunity to connect and learn and build your current and future career. If you demonstrate, any of the above characteristics, please do not sign up and let your seat be available to someone else. Sometimes, letting it go is also best help.

How to Register?

You can read more information about this course over in the following blog posts:

Date and Time: April 23, 2019, Tuesday 8:00 AM Pacific Time | 11 AM Eastern Time
Duration of the class is 4 Hours and 30 minutes

Remember to send me an email at pinal@sqlauthority.com with the subject line – “SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE – April 23, 2019” and in response I will send you meeting link to make the payment and calendar invites. That’s it!

Or You can directly click here to make the payment.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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