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I am a developer and I have certain food choices. When I look around, I see many more developers and interestingly enough, I have noticed their eating habits very closely. It seems that all the developer has similar taste in food. Here is a quick list of the food which developer love to eat.

Developers - Seven Foods Developers Love junkfood


This this is the ultimate developer food. It is hot, fast, and can be eaten with one hand while continuing to work with the other. It’s a worldwide favorite for a reason.

Hot Pockets

Not only are these also hot, fast, and can be eaten with one hand, they even come in pizza flavor. They have the added advantage of being store-bought, so you can stock up and then not have to go out to get pizza.

Junk Food

This isn’t technically a “meal,” but it will work when there is no other food available. Given the crazy schedules, many developers keep, chips, candy and soda are sometimes the only meal they’ll get. Good thing it tastes so good!

Energy Drinks

This is also not a “meal,” but at the rate some developers ingest them, they are definitely being used as some sort of fuel! If you want to start an argument between DBA’s, walk into a room an announce that one type of drink is the best. Then watch everyone defend their own favorite.


Hey, not every developer is a junk food junkie. Fruit is tasty, healthy, and many kinds travel well (apples, bananas, grapes). This makes it a great meal-on-the-go and a good choice for busy developers.

Fast Food

It’s quicker than pizza, and can give you a break from the office because you still have to go out and get it. It also comes in almost every style possible (Chinese, Mexican, Italian, sandwiches, seafood…), so if there’s a crowd, everyone is still happy.

A Home Cooked Meal

Everyone loves a home cooked meal, and while many developers may not always get home at a “regular” time or have the time to whip it up themselves, they too enjoy coming home to a hot meal.

If I have missed any of the favorite food of developer, please leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

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  • How to forget Coffee? It is a really coder fuel :)


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