SQL SERVER – Cycle Clipboard Ring in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #045 – Video

SQL SERVER - Cycle Clipboard Ring in SSMS - SQL in Sixty Seconds #045 - Video 60x60 Copy and Paste! In other words – CTRL + C and CTRL + V – these two are our famous shortcuts for this new age. Remember copy paste is not a bad thing, but plagiarism is for sure. I rely on a lot of Copy Paste when I am doing development. There are so many templates, code or name of the objects (tables, stored procedure) etc., which we need when we are doing development. If we keep on typing those names, there are chances of making human error which can lead to further problems. Let us learn about the Cycle Clipboard Ring in this blog post.

Now the problem with the copy paste is that we can only paste one item which was the last copied. There are often scenarios when we want to paste more than one value without keep on going back again and again to copy them. I was very much delighted when I discovered the shortcut of the Cycle Clipboard Ring and Paste it.  However, this shortcut is not very popular among developers – CTRL+SHIFT+V. I have created a short video which describes the same.

Let us see the same concept in following SQL in Sixty Seconds Video:

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • I do not see Cycle Clipboard when I click Edit or Ctrl + Shift + V, nothing happens.

    Is there a setting somewhere?

  • I do not see Cycle Clipboard Ring from the Edit menu and nothing happens when I key: Ctrl + Shift + V

    Is there a setting?

  • AFAIK this is only available in SSMS 2012. Might be useful to know that up front since I’m guessing a lot of companies are still using SSMS 2008. Thanks for creating these tips.

  • Mine Cycle clipboard ring was working in same way as I have seen in video. Really good shortcut to see your deleted queries.


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