SQL SERVER – Online Session on What is New in Denali – Today Online

I will be presenting today on subject Inside of Next Generation SQL Server – Denali online at Zeollar.com. This sessions are really fun as they are online, downloadable, and 100% demo oriented.

I will be using SQL Server ‘Denali’ CTP 1 to present on the subject of What is New in Denali.

The webcast will start at 12:30 PM sharp and will end at 1 PM India Time. It will be 100% demo oriented and no slides.

I will be covering following topics in the session.

If time permits we will cover few more topics as well. The session will be recorded as well. My earlier session on the Topic of Best Practices Analyzer is also available to watch online here: SQL SERVER – Video – Best Practices Analyzer using Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • What a pity, I just saw the new now, I really want to join your presentation…
    Is there a plan for the next meeting?


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