SQL SERVER – Denali – Improvement in Startup Options

I often work with advanced features of the SQL Server and this really led me to change how SQL Server is starting up. Recently I was changing the start up options in SQL Server and I was very delighted when I saw the startup option screen in Denali. It has really improved and is very convenient to use. Now I realized that the more I use Denali, the more I love it.

Here is the screen of the earlier version of SQL Server. Frankly speaking, it was a bit difficult to modify. I used to copy the settings to notepad and then change each one of them.

SQL Server 2000:

SQL SERVER - Denali - Improvement in Startup Options 2008startup

Here is the screen of SQL Server ‘Denali’, the next version of the SQL Server. You can get to the screen using following path:

SQL Server Configuration Manager >> SQL Server Services >> Properties >> Startup Parameters.

SQL Server ‘Denali’:

SQL SERVER - Denali - Improvement in Startup Options denaliStartup

Sometimes small things like these make the life of DBA a lot easier.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • yeah. but most (or all) of the features or settings can be configured with a sql statement. So there is no need for using this dialoge.


    • Henrik– I know it has been a year, but can you tell me how? I have been unable to find or derive any script that will tell me what startup parameters and trace flags are listed without going through the front end!

      Thanks, Adrienne

      • ALSO… DBCC TRACESTATUS() and DBCC TRACESTATUS(-1) don’t seem to work at all.

  • Henrik, for a programmar’s perspective this feature may not be useful. But it is useful for the admin. There is no harm in learning the things to do in one or more ways.

  • This is a good improvement but is the dialog re-sizable? Hope they have not forgotten to add this small but handy property to such dialogs where there is a lot of information.


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