SQL Server – 2008 – Cheat Sheet – One Page PDF Download

Very frequently I have been asked to create a page, post or article where in one page all the important concepts of SQL Server are covered. SQL Server 2008 is very large subject and can not be even covered 1000 of pages. In daily life of DBA there are few commands very frequently used and for novice developers it is good to keep all the important SQL Script and SQL Statements handy.

I have attempted to create cheat sheet for SQL Server 2008 most important commands. User can print this in one A4 size page and keep along with them. This can be used in interviews where T-SQL scripts are being asked.

Let me know your opinion and if you find this useful.

Download SQL Server Cheatsheet

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi pinaldave,

    I found this cheat sheet is very useful for me.
    wonderful idea… :)


  • سیستم مدیریت آموزش سما
    October 4, 2008 5:24 pm

    the cheat sheet is very useful.thanks

  • this is nis

  • I can’t download the cheatsheet, my browser is grinding for a long time with no file download. Please help.

  • Srikanth,

    I did not find any problems. Please try again.


  • Sorry my bad. It worked today :) I downloaded the cheat sheet.

    Thanks the cheat sheet is really useful. You have done a wonderful job.

  • Good print out to have near me on my desk, thanks!

  • Very usefull – thanks!

  • Hello Sir,

    The information there on this blog is very useful & helpful thanks for providing such informative infromation.

    Sir i have a query in ms-sql server2000
    can we convert numeric(18,0) to identity(1,1) which will be primary key ,
    since this ID numeric(18,0) is a foreign key in another table so i wanted that this key should be as primary auto incrementing key

    whereas i am also unable to do insert into statement for the same
    error ocuuring is as : Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table

    Can you please help me out.

  • Thanks for Sheet , Great Idea …. Really Use ful .. Thanks a Lot …

  • nice

  • Ya… Its a Good One..

    Kishor K

  • I am unable to download the Cheat Sheet.
    Can you assist me to download the file. it give me error on my browser.


  • This sheet really nice and very usefull for all levels.

  • This Cheat Sheet is very good and usefull for Beginners

  • Anilkumar jantikar
    March 25, 2009 5:09 pm

    HI pinaldave,

    Really its usefull….I found most of the things , This is more than enough for glance

  • hi, i would like to ask a question,
    do you know how to get month from a query?
    if i want to get a date, i use

    select birthday
    from user

    what if i want to get a query where the birthday month is May for example?

  • HI Dave sir,
    I m new to sql server .. can u please provide me some links where i can find out how sql server is used on application point of view. How we stored procedures are useful in practical scenerio..

    provide me some good links for clearing basic concepts

    Thanks soo much for your help.


  • Hi,

    Can anybody tell me the difference between server studio and server studio express?

    Dont mind if this is silly qtn. m new to sql server.

    thanks munch in advance.

  • manoj kumar mohanty
    October 9, 2009 3:10 pm

    Hello Sir,
    i have a query on Sql server 2000. Can we Restore selective databases from Tape Drive(BrightStor ARCserve Backup Tape Drive) having tape of Ultrium(800 GB) to a remote server’s folder location through Query analyser. Because it is showing error in restoring that database to that remote server from that Tape Drive due to Space issue. So i want to directly restore that database from query analyser without coping it to that location and then from there to restore.

    manoj kumar


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