SQL SERVER – Query Analyzer Shortcuts

Download Query Analyzer Shortcuts (PDF)

ALT+BREAKCancel a queryCTRL+SHIFT+F2Clear all bookmarks
ALT+F1Database object informationCTRL+SHIFT+INSERTInsert a template
ALT+F4ExitCTRL+SHIFT+LMake selection lowercase
CTRL+ASelect allCTRL+SHIFT+MReplace template parameters
CTRL+BMove the splitterCTRL+SHIFT+POpen
CTRL+CCopyCTRL+SHIFT+RRemove comment
CTRL+DDisplay results in grid formatCTRL+SHIFT+SShow client statistics
CTRL+DeleteDelete through the end of the lineCTRL+SHIFT+TShow server trace
CTRL+EExecute queryCTRL+SHIFT+UMake selection uppercase
CTRL+FFindCTRL+TDisplay results in text format
CTRL+F2Insert/remove bookmarkCTRL+UChange database
CTRL+F5Parse query and check syntaxCTRL+WWindow selector
CTRL+GGo to lineCTRL+XDelete
CTRL+IIndex Tuning WizardF1Help for Query Analyzer
CTRL+KDisplay/hide execution planF2Move to next bookmark
CTRL+LDisplay execution planF3Repeat last search
CTRL+NNew query windowF4Object Search
CTRL+OConnectF5Execute a query
CTRL+PPrintF6Switch between query and result panes
CTRL+RShow/Hide results paneF8Show/hide Object Browser
CTRL+SSaveSHIFT+F1Transact-SQL help
CTRL+SHIFT+0Show optionsSHIFT+F2Move to previous bookmark
CTRL+SHIFT+CComment out codeSHIFT+TABDecrease indent
CTRL+SHIFT+DELClear the active Editor paneSHIFT+F6Switch panes
CTRL+SHIFT+FSave results to fileTABIncrease indent

Download the PDF

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com), MSDN

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  • Hi ,what does ‘N’ and ‘U’ in the following command stand for?also what is the necessity of Go in this ??? the following command executed even without the use of it?..

    USE AdventureWorks;
    IF OBJECT_ID (N’dbo.AWBuildVersion’, N’U’) IS NOT NULL
    DROP TABLE dbo.AWBuildVersion;

  • thanks …

  • hi im trying to open mssms and load a store procedure from an specific data base using this script
    sqlwb.exe [-S server_name[instance]] [-d dbname] [-U dbuser] [-P dbpass] [-E] [file_name[, sp_search]] [/?]

    but is not working to load the sp but the mssms it does open

    any sugestion?

  • What about CTRL-0 for entering a NULL value into a field when looking at grid view of a table.

    Also, is there a CTRL-? shortcut for entering the current date and time into a datetime field similar to the CTRL-0 shortcut for the NULL value?

  • shiv kumar sharma
    December 3, 2009 6:59 pm

    How to makes Query For find the table name and how can see the tables colom & row


  • is there anyway to disable the keyboard shortcut ctrl+e for Execute?

    it is so close to ctrl+r , ctrl+d etc.. accidentally pressing it when working on a query could be disastrous..

  • Arvind DHiman
    April 28, 2010 3:24 pm


    Is there any short cut to write “Select * from” in SQL 2005 or 2008. If such a short cut exists please let me know.

    thanks and regards,
    Arvind Dhiman

  • hello sir

    i have one database .i have two tabie (emp), (salary). i have 300 rows in emp table.but i have no rows in salary
    i have merge that two tables emp and salary
    select * into salary from emp , i have added 100 rows in emp
    i want a that second time i merge that two table emp or
    salary only for 1oo rows not 300 rows
    pinal dave sir

  • when am writing a procedure or function in a query analyser sql server 2008 am not getting a intelligence popup which will guide to select the function,object or column or table names.
    Do i have to install a specific service pack ??Please suggest me.

  • CTRL+SHIFT+Q is used to add the database diagrams

  • Hi sir, If there are so many begin and end statements in proc what is shortcut to find end statements for perticular Begin.

    • If you use version 2008 with intellisense enabled, just go the END and delete D and type D, It will highlight the respective BEGIN

  • very useful shortcuts.

  • really cool keywoars thx for sharing


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