SQL SERVER – How to Know Transaction Isolation Level for Each Session?

During recent, Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I had a very interesting scenario. I was hired by a customer to identify their system’s unexpected performance bottlenecks. I do these for a living so I am usually pretty comfortable. However, this customer was so unique that after their permission I am sharing you their story of transaction isolation level.

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We Are Sold Out – Practical Real World Performance Tuning – SQL Authority News

I am very excited to announce that we are sold out for the two of our class focusing on the USA time zone for Practical Real World Performance Tuning. This is indeed very exciting. If you have signed up for the training, we will be meeting later this week and next week. If you have not signed up for the training, indeed we will miss you during our training.

To be super honest, the request for this training was in demand for a quite a while and at the price point of USD 495, it was a quite a deal. Honestly, I had never thought that this training will be sold out so quickly. When I am looking back at this, I feel pretty comfortable that both the classes are filled up 100% and the audience is going to have lots of fun.

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