SQL Puzzle – Correct the Incorrect Query – Win Price Worth USD 1000 – Aggregate and Subquery

It has been a while since we have seen a puzzle so let us do a small puzzle today. Actually, this is a very simple puzzle if you have worked with SQL Server for a while. I got an email from one of the readers from the blog post and he wanted me to correct the following query which he had written. Well, I have been working with SQL Server for over 19 years and I often do not remember the syntax and have to look up online. Here is a very simple puzzle for you which involves Aggregate and Subquery.

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Win Apple Watch Series 4 and Solve SQL Server Performance Problems

Ask any DBA what would they love to monitor in their SQL Server and I promise you that you will get quite many different answers to this question. Though every DBA would love to see their server always up upon asked what exactly they would like to watch you will see different answers to the popular question. I have previously blogged about it over here: Solve 3 Biggest SQL Server Performance Challenges with Spotlight. Today, you can download Spotlight and Win Apple Watch Series 4.

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