Win Apple Watch Series 4 and Solve SQL Server Performance Problems

Win Apple Watch Series 4 and Solve SQL Server Performance Problems applewatchseries4 Ask any DBA what would they love to monitor in their SQL Server and I promise you that you will get quite many different answers to this question. Though every DBA would love to see their server always up upon asked what exactly they would like to watch you will see different answers to the popular question. I have previously blogged about it over here: Solve 3 Biggest SQL Server Performance Challenges with Spotlight. Today, you can download Spotlight and Win Apple Watch Series 4.

You’ve got more instances and databases than one DBA should have to juggle. And with all the complexity and growth of your modern data center? Man, do you have your hands full!

But what if you could view the health of your entire database environment – all on a single screen, from your desk or your mobile device? Imagine the freedom! Imagine how easily you could improve database performance! Ready?

Get your free Spotlight trial to:

  • Improve SQL Server performance proactively to avoid dropping the ball on your growing responsibilities.
  • Gain deep visibility into all aspects of your database environment.
  • Diagnose real-time and historical issues quickly.
  • Achieve high availability.

Download Spotlight Free to Win Apple Watch Series 4. The winner will be announced on February 4.

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