Video – Bert & Pinal Troubleshoot a Slow Performing SQL Server

Earlier last week, I had the opportunity to attend my 10th SQL PASS. Yes, It has been 10 years since I have been visiting the PASS conference. This year, I had the opportunity to present 1 pre-con, 2 general sessions, 1 lightning talk. I really had a busy time at SQLPASS but along with the sessions, the highlight of the event was a video I recorded with Bert where we discussed troubleshoot a Slow Performing SQL Server.

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Does Sort Order in Index Column Matters for Performance? – Interview Question of the Week #199

Question: Does Sort Order in Index Column Matters for Performance?

Answer: Wow, it has been a long time since I have heard this question and the matter of fact, I have never blogged about this subject on this blog. I have received this question during my recent Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

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SQL SERVER- High CPU and Transaction Type WorkFileGroup_fake_worktable and Workfile

As a part of my  SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization consultancy, I face interesting situations and every time I am able to resolve them. This was one of the more interesting ones where I was not getting any hint from the internet. Since it was a new thing to me, I am sharing it via this blog. In this blog, we would learn about the cause of WorkFileGroup_fake_worktable and Workfile.

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