SQL SERVER – Full-Text Search Not Working For PDF Documents

Full-Text is a feature of SQL Server which allows linguistic search in various languages. In general, we use LIKE operator to search inside the column data, but it is not very efficient. There are multiple advantages of full-text search. You can read more about this on my blog Creating Full-Text Catalog and Full-Text Search

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SQL SERVER – Tips from the SQL Development Series – Wildcard – Querying Special Characters – Day 2 of 35

In this blog post we will learn various tips related to Querying Special Characters with the help of wildcard in SQL Server.

Some special characters can be tricky to pattern match since they themselves can represent different values at different times. Let look at some examples. Here is a quick look at all the records in the [Grant] table of the JProCo database. Note: Since [Grant] is also a keyword it must be enclosed in square brackets or double quotes to designate it as the [Grant] table and now the keyword. Take a look at many of the names in the GrantName field and notice we have many names with special symbols in them.

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