SQL SERVER – Making Database to Read Only – Changing Database to Read/Write

I recently received the following comments on my earlier blog about Making database to read only.

“Today i was trying to attach the (MDF,NDF,LDF ) sql server 2008 database which i have received from my client. After attachment the database status is showing (Read-Only) (Eg.database name (Read-Only). How do i make to normal mode for the data updation. is there any query available to resolve this problem. Your help will be highly helpful.”

Let’s learn Making Database to Read Only and Changing Database to Read/Write.

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SQL SERVER – Mirrored Backup and Restore and Split File Backup – Introduction

Introduction – Mirrored Backup

This article is based on a real life experience of the author while working with database backup and restore during his consultancy work for various organizations. We will go over the following important concepts of database backup and restore.

Conventional Backup and Restore
Spilt File Backup and Restore
Mirror File Backup
Understanding FORMAT Clause
Miscellaneous details about Backup and Restore

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