SQL SERVER – Backup and Restore Database Using Command Prompt – SQLCMD

Backup and Restore is one of the core tasks for DBAs. They often do this task more times than they would have ideally loved to do so. One thing I noticed in my career that every successful DBA knows how to automate their tasks and spend their time either playing games on a computer or learning something new!

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SQL SERVER – Take Database Backup using SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #037 – Video

Whenever I am suggesting something which changes how database works or the existing status of the database, my suggestion along with it is to take the database backup before making such changes. If the changes are in configurations, that can be easily revert but if the changes are such that it will impact the data, I always suggest to take backup. The nature of this blog is such that we have readership from readers with different expertise, some are experts and some are novice.

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SQL SERVER – Move Database Files MDF and LDF to Another Location

When a novice DBA or Developer create a database they use SQL Server Management Studio to create new database. Additionally, the T-SQL script to create a database is very easy as well. You can just write CREATE DATABASE DatabaseName and it will create new database for you. The point to remember here is that it will create the database at the default location specified in SQL Server Instance (this default instance, can be changed and we will see that in future blog posts). Now, once the database files goes in production it will start to grow.

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SQL SERVER – Making Database to Read Only – Changing Database to Read/Write

I recently received the following comments on my earlier blog about Making database to read only.

“Today i was trying to attach the (MDF,NDF,LDF ) sql server 2008 database which i have received from my client. After attachment the database status is showing (Read-Only) (Eg.database name (Read-Only). How do i make to normal mode for the data updation. is there any query available to resolve this problem. Your help will be highly helpful.”

Let’s learn Making Database to Read Only and Changing Database to Read/Write.

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