SQL SERVER – Automatic Seeding of Availability Database ‘DB’ in Availability Group ‘AG’ Failed With an Unrecoverable Error

While deploying Always On Availability Group with a client, they found that when they use automatic seeding, the database was not shown on secondary. After digging more, we found that it was there earlier in “Restoring” state when seeding was in progress but then it automatically disappeared from the list of databases on secondary.  Here is the option in the wizard.

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SQL SERVER – T-SQL Script to List Automatic Seeding of Always On Availability Group

I love blog post which just solves a simple point and immediately gets us the necessary answer. Recently during one of the consulting engagement Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check at one of my customer place we identified a wait statistics which was related to SQL Server Always On Availability Group. The wait statistics issue was VDI_CLIENT_OTHER and the way to solve is blogged here SQL SERVER – Many BACKGROUND Threads with Command VDI_CLIENT_WORKER. We needed to remove automatic seeding to reduce the said wait statistics.

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SQL SERVER – Drop failed for Availability Group – Failed to Destroy the Windows Server Failover Clustering Group Corresponding to Availability Group

While working with one of the clients to recover from a disaster, I encountered an error. In this blog we would talk about error Drop failed for Availability Group. If you want any such assistance, you can hire me for quick consultation using On Demand offering.

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