Advanced Query Optimization Techniques in SQL Server – Video Course

Advanced Query Optimization Techniques in SQL Server - Video Course advanced-800x798 Facing the challenge of optimizing complex SQL Server databases for enhanced performance and scalability, my new 61st course, “Advanced Query Optimization Techniques in SQL Server,” is here to transform your approach to database management. This course will teach you how to effectively analyze, troubleshoot, and enhance SQL Server databases to address critical performance and scalability issues.

Course Overview

In this course, you’ll be able to expertly refine and elevate your SQL Server’s performance. You’ll explore the intricate process of refactoring complex queries for greater efficiency, discover the art of effective index management to optimize data retrieval and update processes and learn how to apply advanced performance tuning techniques to ensure scalability and robust handling of increased loads.

Key Sections

Mastering Execution Plan and Query Optimization: This section utilizes expert tools for advanced query solutions. You’ll learn how to refactor complex queries for efficiency and analyze execution plans to identify performance bottlenecks. Demonstrations showcase how to optimize SQL queries by making them SARGable (Search ARGument-able) for better performance.

Advanced Indexing Strategies and Performance Tuning: Discover the power of managing indexes effectively in SQL Server. Learn how to resolve database locks with indexes and handle performance issues in large-scale data. Demonstrations cover query performance optimization and server configuration tweaks. A comprehensive flow chart guides you through conducting a thorough optimization project.

Real-World Application: The course includes practical demonstrations that address real-world scenarios. You’ll see how to analyze execution plans, refactor complex queries, resolve database locks with indexes, and optimize query performance through server configurations. These hands-on examples reinforce the concepts and techniques covered throughout the course.


By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of SQL Server optimization needed to masterfully address and resolve key performance and scalability challenges in any business environment. Enroll now to take your SQL Server optimization skills to the next level! Here is the link to the full course – Advanced Query Optimization Techniques in SQL Server. Access requires a Pluralsight subscription, or you can test the waters with a free trial.

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