Identifying and Understanding Business Problems for Data Scientists

Identifying and Understanding Business Problems for Data Scientists identify-800x796 Data science has incredible potential to drive transformative change for organizations. But projects flounder without a solid understanding of the business issues they aim to solve. My new 60th course, “Identifying and Understanding Business Problems for Data Scientists,” provides a practical guide to uncovering and defining business challenges for data science success.

Course Overview

This course outlines techniques to diagnose underlying business issues and translate them into focused data science objectives. You’ll learn how to engage stakeholders, assess data readiness, and construct problem statements. Detailed examples demonstrate applying data science to create business impact.

Key Sections

  • Diagnosing Business Challenges: This section provides a comprehensive guide to uncovering hidden business issues. Learn techniques like analyzing data trends and engaging stakeholders to identify problems not visible on the surface. See demonstrations of how data science can create solutions for business challenges in areas like operations, sales, and customer engagement.
  • Assessing Readiness for Data Science: Discover a detailed framework to evaluate if a business problem is a good candidate for a data science approach. Learn how to analyze factors like data availability, stakeholder commitment, and ethical considerations. Gain skills to determine if data science is feasible and impactful.
  • Strategizing Project Execution: Get expert advice on executing a successful data science project once you’ve defined the business problem. Master critical strategies like stakeholder management, risk planning, resource allocation, defining success metrics, and communication plans. The course shares real-world tips to set your project up for maximum business impact.

Real-World Application

The course includes an in-depth example diagnosing sales challenges for a retail store chain. You’ll follow the process from uncovering the true problem, assessing data science feasibility, and clearly defining objectives. This end-to-end demonstration cements understanding.


This course equips data scientists with the critical skills to recognize and articulate business issues for data science. You’ll gain confidence in driving impactful projects that deliver tangible value. Enroll now to level up your business analysis abilities! Here is the link to the full course – Identifying and Understanding Business Problems for Data Scientists. Take your RNN skills to the next level with this in-depth course! Access requires a Pluralsight subscription, or you can test the waters with a free trial.

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